We have a complete file of newsletters dating from the first one published in June 1980. These publications are an important repository of articles about Palmyra history and people as well as news about happenings in the time in which they were written. You can read them on-line or print them and read them at home.

Currently the online archive includes those published through Winter, 2015 except that the Winter 2011 issue is too large to be uploaded. It and more recent newsletters are available to society members.

The publication listed below are either about or written by Palmyra residents and represents a wide variety of topics. We sell these booklets for a nominal fee. Recent additions to the list are the booklets written by Terry Tutton: Muck Farming in the Palmyra Wisconsin, Area (2013) and Palmyra Springs Sanitarium and Mineral Springs (The fascinating and bizarre story of an era that put Palmyra on the map, 1875-1932). All of the publications listed below are available for purchase at the Gift Shop in the Turner Museum.

Other Publications